About Annie-O

Raised in Florida by missionary parents, Anne-Marie’s childhood was filled with warm meals and open doors. This lifestyle eventually influenced her career direction. Her parents, Charlie and Karen, had an uncompromised passion for entertaining and graciousness, and were always looking for a reason to bring people together. They lived their lives in celebration of today, service to others and hope for tomorrow.

annie O

That zest for hospitality was evident in Anne-Marie from the beginning, in fact, it is the only job she has ever pursued. After planning events as an employee for various corporations and non- profit organizations, she quickly realized that the freedom to be creative and vibrant was more important than a tidy cubicle and a conservative dress code, thus Annie- O’s was born. The name is a tribute. It is the nickname her parents gave to her as a child, before they died much too young. Each time someone calls her by that name, she is reminded of the people who encouraged her to celebrate life and live it to its fullest.

Don’t be surprised if you hear an energetic “Y’all” as you get together with this Southern sparkplug to plan your party. Where she comes from, they prefer to end a meeting
with a hug rather than a handshake and somehow
it just seems better that way.